• Paraben Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • Containing Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Australian made

About Us


Meiskin has been supporting women & nature since 2005, using our therapeutic skincare & cosmetic chemistry brains to bring naturally formulated skincare products from our very own beauty cabinets to the public.

Within a short couple months of first establishing in 2005, our very first formulation, the Stretch Mark Treatment Formula went viral. Women and even men of all ages, from around the globe were flocking to get their hands on our oil after hearing and seeing the scoop (and results!) right before their very own eyes online and via family and freinds.

In 2013, we launched our very first line of everyday specialized skincare formulas including Mani Hands and the Twenty-Four 7 formula. 

Since, our brand and range has grown to include some of the the most scrumptiously scented skin formulations and treatments including cellulite treatments, post- workout rubs, body scrubs and cleansers

Above all, we've formulated something else other than just skincare; a truly dedicated team of naturally fun-loving skincare experts, all of who each withhold absolute love and committment to the Meiskin vision - One that strives to absolutely rethink and bring everyday natural skincare formulas from 'average' to something fun, uplifting and uniquely phenomenal.


At Meiskin, we incorporate and truly live by the vision that natural skincare doesn't and shouldn't have to be a generic bore, so we incorporate fun and festivity into each formulation formulated in our naturally fun labs!

Best known for our Stretchmark Treatment Oil Formula, we continue to prepare more (and more!) specialised skincare formula with a feel-good twist of colour and quirk, sure to leave both your skin and mind a chirpy one! (And ofcourse, all of our products are paraben-free and absolutely no testing on our furry friends!)



Meiskin Natural Skincare Formulas is absolutely committed to producing and supplying only the highest standard of natural skincare formulas and our approach to using and combining only the best of natural ingredients is just the start of any one of our truly phenomenal formulas.

When formulating in out labs, Meiskin source and use ingredients including certified organic oils as well as cold-pressed pure (high-grade) essential oils.


Here at Meiskin HQ, we promise our fun & formula invention team also have their serious side, (yes, believe it or not!) - but from serious back to fun, you can keep up with us (a nice change from the K-sisters, we promise!)

Find us on Instagram (@MEISKIN) where you can keep up to date on all our inside Meiskin HQ daily happenings— yep, meet our team, meet the formulas and we'll meet you there!