Meiskin Kandee's Kreme Body Frost Moisturiser

Meiskin Kandee's Kreme Body Frost Moisturiser

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Kandee's Kreme is one of our very first moisturiser that the Meiskin team launched back in 2012 and is still a favourite amongst our customers worldwide.

The ultimate everyday body moisturising formula, Kandee's Kreme is richly infused with a sleek combination of super oils that work together to leave a previously healthy softness to your skin upon wake and sleep.


Molly - 2016

Kandee's Kreme body frost is one of my favorite new moisturizers. It has a very thick and luxurious consistency, almost like body butter, and the scent is amazing. It’s a gorgeous mix of spices and florals. The scent really stuck out to me, versus how most lotions smell generically fruity and the scent disappears. It was a wonderfully mature scent – which is the best way that I can describe it. I’ve been using it in the morning and after my shower, and it has a new place in my vanity. It does have a great blend of those essential oils, and does a great job at below the surface moisturizing.

Em - 2016

I wanted to wait a good period of time before I wrote this review as a lot of products don’t agree with my skin and I find a lot of products cause my skin to break out in a rash. So, I gave this moisturizer a good run over the past week or so and can already feel a noticeable difference in just how soft this product has made my skin. The best part of course… absolutely no skin irritation what – so – ever.

I am over the moon now that I have found this product because my skin has never felt softer or smelt more delicious. This one is going straight to my must – haves!

Yaz - 2016

Kandees Kreme is a perfect all over body moisturiser. To me it smells like rose water and icing, with a hint of coconut. The bottle may seem small at only 125ml but you literally only need the smallest amount as the quality is amazing. Silky smooth skin that smells like candy? What more could you want!

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