Resparkle Natural Laundry Powder (50 washes)

Resparkle Natural Laundry Powder (50 washes)

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The Resparkle All-Natural Laundry Powder is a certified organic alternative to supermarket laundry soap. It uses 100% plant-based ingredients with revolutionary biotechnology, not only does this product leave clothes free of tough stains and stubborn odours, it also cleans your washing machine whilst remaining soft on sensitive skin.

Up to 50 washes!

Ingredients: Soya Bean Extracts, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate (hydrogen peroxide), Green Tea Extracts, Grapefruit Extracts, Citric Acid,
Lemon Extracts

Size: 500g


Katie - 2017

I have tried many many powders and this is by far the best one yet! It has a slight perfume not too much. I washed my daughters capoeira uniform (white pants and top!!!) and some stained ballet tights…. they came out spotless…. totally spotless, oil marks on the white gone and dark marks too.

Rachel - 2017

I was already using a ‘natural’ powder, but it were the ethics of this company that drove me to try them out. And I am not disappointed! To support Australian is one thing, to support the earth by using non-damaging ingredients is another, but to find something that fits with my values and actually works WELL, for roughly the same cost as my supermarket buys? Well that’s amazing and will keep me coming back time and again. Thanks for offering up earth friendly products that get the job done

Yillant - 2017

The washing powder works well. I was suprised to find when I opened the bag it has a nice slightly fragrant smell to it. It also seems to take away the damp smell from the washing machine and clothes. I will be replacing our home made powder with this.

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