We all love a scrumptiously-scented body scrub - but, do you know that everyday scrubs that you come across IN stores today contain a cocktail of less-than-scrumptious ingredients that could be doing you, your skin, your body AND your environment harm each time you lather away... 

These everyday mainstream scrubs can have negative effects in multiple ways:

- too harsh on the skin

- containing HARSH ingredients which can leave the skin dry (or raw - OUCH!)

- pose as a dangerous threat to our environment due to the plastic beads ending up being consumed by dear marine life.

This is where NATURAL SUGAR SCRUB comes in! 

Sugar is naturally abrasive therefore a fantastic ingredient in scrubs.

Natural sugar also:

- keeps in moisture so skin is kept hydrated.  

- Is known to be a pure, natural source of Glycolic Acid (also known as an AHA), which helps to break down dead skin cells and promote cell rejuvenation. 

- Combined with rich and nourishing oils, sugar scrubs can be used as an exfoliater to leave skin soft, firm, healthy and hydrated.