The Washington Toxics Coalition has released a report detailing the range of toxins that babies are exposed to whilst in the womb. This report is titled 'Earliest Exposures' and found 13 toxic chemicals in women that were pregnant - Each of these is known for brain-damaging or carcinogenic properties! SCARY!

(Women in Australia are still exposed to equivalent levels of risk to the USA)

What can we do about this? Let's cover the 'Personal Care' elements for now:

- Choose fragrance-free personal care products

(Even better - consider giving up perfumes, nail polish, and hair dye, which may contain harmful chemicals)

- Choose cosmetics and personal products from companies committed to safer products.

- Avoid clothing, shoes, and boots made with vinyl/PVC. Instead, opt for rubber and vinyl-free fabrics such as cotton, linen as well as nylon and polyester.

Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy!